Uppdatering från Indonesien och Baby Adyatma

av Cecilia Folkesson

Det är helt otroligt vilka fantastiska vänner, läsare och följare jag har! Tillsammans har vi hittills samlat ihop 30 000 kronor! Tusen tack! Mamma Adek hälsar och tackar, hon är så extremt tacksam!

Läs mer om baby Adyatma här

Hon kan nu betala den första räkningen på $ 25 000 (totala insamlingen är uppe i över $ 27 000 just nu). Nu hoppas vi att fler delar och donerar så Adyatma kan få fortsatt behandling tills han kan skrivas ut från sjukhuset. Idag väger han 1280 gram.

Vill du hjälpa till, swisha valfritt bidrag till 0762-20 95 98. Varje söndag för jag över veckans insamling. Ni är bäst! Jag är inte speciellt blödig, men försök läsa denna text utan att fälla en tår:


Brev från mamma Adek:

To all who donated and contributed to help me and my child whose names I cannot mention one by one…

My family and I want to say thank you from the bottom of the hearts for all the of the donations, prayers, thoughts and hopes you have given to me and my family, especially to my baby Adyatma .

Since I gave birth to Adyatma on July 21, 2018, my life has totally changed. Giving birth to a child 25 weeks 6 days in to my pregnancy is something my family and I could never have imagined. I first received treatment at the hospital one week before Adyatma was born by cesarean section. The doctor tried to hold back the contractions that I was experiencing with medication and kept increasing the dose until I was trembling and could not take it anymore. My husband asked the doctor to keep the child in the womb for at least 30 weeks. The doctors tried their best but when they discovered I had an amniotic fluid infection, they had to deliver the baby.

Before they did the c-section, they told me and my husband that the possibility my child surviving was only 30-40%. They estimated the baby’s weight was only 500-700 grams and told me that most likely my baby would not survive. My husband and I asked the doctors to do everything they could do to save my child. The doctor held a meeting before I delivered my baby, including with the pediatrician who now cares for Adyatma, and he told me he would try to do the best for my baby and asked me to help by praying because there was nothing I could do but pray. 

After the baby was born weighing 900 grams they immediately put in the breathing tube, lots of hoses and tools that I didn’t understand what they were for. They gave him a plastic rag as a blanket and put him in a little baby warmer. Sunday, July 22, 2018 was the first day I met Adyatma. The sky seemed to collapse and my world felt like it was flipped upside down. I did not understand what I was experiencing. I felt very frustrated and wanted to die, but every time I saw Adyatma he was very active, he seemed to tell me “don’t be sad, mama, we will be able to pass this.” Adyatma has always been the source of strength for my husband and I through all of this.

Monday July 23, 2018 the finance department called my husband and told him the amount of our bill for my cesarean and Adyatma’s treatment for 3 days was almost Rp. 100,000,000 ($ 7,000), and that we have to pay this amount to continue Adyatma’s treatment. We have a car and sold it. We borrowed money from our family. On August 1st, 2018 we payed the hospital Rp. 100,000,000.-

Even though our baby’s condition remained critical, the hospital continued to ask for money. We felt very depressed and overwhelmed thinking that we would not be able to pay for the continued care of our baby. I did not know what to do but I remembered I had a father figure who may be able to help me. He is the kindest person I ever met in the Mentawaii’s when I worked at Kandui Resort a few years ago, his name is Ray Wilcoxen. I wrote to Ray and I told him exactly what happened, I thought he would be petrified. I knew this was not a small amount of money and I would probably not make this much money in my entire life. I asked Ray to find an association or NGO and see if they could help with Adyatma’s treatment. 

I don’t know exactly what Ray did, but finally he found Angels for me and my family, especially Adyatma. He was Mario Quiros. I have never even met Mario but he has an angel-like heart. Yes he is the angel God sent to me and my family. I don’t know how Mario worked in less than 2 weeks to collect $ 25,000 for the payment of my first bill for Adyatma’s treatment. Mario worked day and night to raise funds. Not only Mario but also Ali his wife also worked hard raise funds even though she was pregnant herself. I really do not know how to repay Mario and his extended family.

On this occasion I would also like to thank the Kandui Resort family, Cecilia Folkesson and her family, and all of my friends who helped raise funds. I don’t know what else I can say… only thanks. I will teach my children to always be good people like all of the amazing people who have opened up their hearts and helped me and my family in our time of need. 



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